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A Piano Powerhouse Comes To Delight with a complete concert of the master works of Bach, Boulez, Stravinsky and Chopin.

From the NY Times:

It's hard to put your finger on just what it is that makes the pianist Taka Kigawa a phenomenon, but there's no denying that he's something special. True, other pianists have made a specialty of the demanding modernist works that Mr. Kigawa favors. Webern, Boulez, Xenakis and Stockhausen are among his staples. (Bach, too.) And in his considerable technical prowess, Mr. Kigawa is not without peers. Still, something about his work has attracted a veritable cadre of devoted followers. On Monday night, they turned up in force at the Greenwich Village nightclub Le Poisson Rouge, where he has become a regular, for a characteristically challenging, eventful program built around two milestone pieces by Elliott Carter. Having watched Mr. Kigawa at work several times, I have grown convinced that part of what makes him a magnetic attraction is awe: not only in the sense that his skill dazzles the listener, but also in his own evident humility and zeal. Some listeners will intuit more fully than others the exact challenges of this or that work. But anyone can appreciate how the wonder and joy Mr. Kigawa conveys in talking about his repertory during a concert is also manifest in the way he performs it.