What Is Music?


Music is a form of entertainment and it is enjoyed by the people all over the world. It is a form of organized sound and it includes different elements or fundamentals like rhythm, melody, harmony and timbre or tone colour. It has been a part of human culture since ancient times. It is a source of enjoyment for the people and it also has therapeutic effects as well. Some people prefer to play the piano and others love to sing. There are a lot of establishments and schools around the world that teach music expertly.

The different kinds of music have their own characteristics but they all are entertaining. Some of them have a certain theme or story behind it. Other music is based on various emotions and some of them are known to be inspirational as well. Some of the popular forms of music include rock, jazz, classical and country.

In earlier times, the main use of music was as a way to entertain. Since there were no televisions, internet connections or video games available, music was the only way that people could keep themselves entertained. Singing folklores and dancing to the tune of music was a common practice in the ancient days. Slowly as technology progressed musical instruments were developed and this took the music to another level. It helped people connect more effectively and music became a full-fledged industry.

Music is universal in its appeal and it has been a popular pastime for all age groups. The discovery of 40,000 year old bone flutes indicates that music has been a companion of mankind since early times. It is believed that the human brain responds positively to melodies and beats. This is a scientifically proven fact. It has been found that when people listen to their favorite songs they tend to focus more on the lyrics and this improves their productivity in work.

Some people argue that music is a natural form of entertainment and it may have been present in the human brain even before language was invented. They point out that a mother’s humming to her baby is also music. Music is a universal language and it can communicate with the human mind in a way that no other medium can.

There are many opinions about the purpose of music and some believe that it is a way to express feelings and emotions. Some of them argue that it is a tool to bring together the cultures and religions of the world while some believe that it can be used as an instrument for peace. There are also those who argue that it is a form of communication between the soul and the universe.

The history of music is a fascinating one and there have been some interesting developments in it as time went by. The philosopher Plato saw the art of music as a shadow of the divine and Aristotle furthered this concept. Nonetheless, it was the German astronomer Johannes Kepler who linked music with a cosmic order.