What Is an Artist?


An artist is someone who creates or practices any of the creative arts, such as painting, sculpting, music, poetry, dance, filming and other performing arts. Generally, the term artist is used to describe people who practice these disciplines, but it is also sometimes used to refer to people who write or speak about art.

A professional artist is someone who makes a living solely from their artistic activities. They may be self-employed or have a full time job. Whether they make a living from their artistic work or not, it is still considered an important career path to follow.

Being a professional artist is not always easy, however. It requires a lot of skill, creativity, and persistence. The most successful artists are those who are able to market themselves effectively, advocate for their art, and find a way to get their work seen by the right audience.

There are a number of different definitions for the term “artist.” This can be confusing, especially if you’re trying to get into the field or become a professional artist yourself. It’s important to know what the different definitions mean, and which ones are most appropriate for the job at hand.

Some Definitions are Purposeful

One purposeful definition is a federal government-based definition that focuses on what it means to be an artist. The United States census counts the number of hours people spend working in an occupation that they identify as a member of the arts.

This is a useful definition for the purposes of the census, which is looking to understand where and how people work across the population of the country. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual practice of art or its aesthetics, but it is a useful way to gauge the level of involvement in the arts by the general populace of the country.

Another purposeful definition is the definition used by organizations like Springboard for the Arts in Minnesota, which tries to serve the arts community around the state. They say, “Anyone who thinks creatively about the world and their dynamic place within it.”

Despite the many different meanings that are given to the word “artist,” the truth remains that it is an individual’s personal identity and choice. It is an unofficial title that can be a powerful tool in the development of your career and the ability to express yourself.