Things to Consider Before You Start to Paint

Painting is an ancient form of creative expression that has become a vital part of many cultures. It allows people to express their emotions and ideas in an artistic way, and can be a great stress reliever. There are several things to consider before starting to paint, including the type of materials you’ll need and the best techniques for your project.

Before you start to paint, consider the big picture – the “big why” that makes you want to create this work of art. Then, select a subject that will allow you to work on these larger issues. It should also be something that you can work on over a long period of time, since painting takes a while to fully complete.

The first step in painting is to find a canvas or board that will serve as your surface. Make sure the surface is clean and has been prepped for painting, either by priming it or using a tack cloth. Then, decide on the type of paint you’ll use. There are a variety of types of paint, including acrylics, oils, and watercolors. Acrylics are the most popular choice for beginners, as they’re easy to work with and don’t require special supplies. They dry quickly, however, so you may need to work in a small area to avoid fumes.

Oil paint is the traditional artists’ medium, and it consists of colored pigments suspended in oil. It can be used on canvas, paper or other supports. It’s slow-drying, so it can stay wet for days and can be blended easily. Oil paint requires the use of solvents, such as turpentine, for cleanup. However, modern water-soluble oils have been developed that don’t require any solvents for mixing and cleaning.

A good set of brushes is a must for any painter. A selection of four to five options in different shapes and sizes should be sufficient to begin with. As you experiment, you’ll quickly learn which brushes you like and which ones you don’t. You may also discover that you have a preference for particular brush strokes or marks. It’s important to develop good technique, so take the time to watch master painters at work. Observe how they hold their brush, how they apply the paint to the canvas, and how they mix colors.

The everyday genre is a common theme in human culture, dating back as far as cave paintings and ancient Egyptian tomb murals. In this style of painting, people depict the activities that make up their daily lives, such as hunting, fishing and tribal celebrations. People also sometimes depict their dreams and fantasies, as seen in the enigmatic paintings of the Surrealists.