The Definition of Art

Art is the creation of a work of art by human beings. It is the creation of an image in the mind. For example, one man may be scared of wolves and would create a painting to portray his fear. In the same way, a man may be attracted to pleasure or suffer from pain. Then he would put his feelings on a canvas or marble to be appreciated by others. It is very common to see this process at work in art.


The concept of art is purpose-independent. There is no general definition of art. It is an expression of human emotions and is a powerful tool in promoting cultural awareness. It has been instrumental in the fight against racism, intolerance, and other forms of unjust societal segregation. Despite the diversity of artistic works, a common theme is the desire to express one’s feelings through the use of art. However, the definition of art has its limitations and has been the object of debate and controversy for centuries.

The definition of art has changed over time. According to Stecker, art is a kind of institutional thing. It is something that is only enumerated. It does not have any inherent quality. It only has the power to be defined and named. Danto (1981) argues that the conventional definition of art fits better outside of modern Western societies. The word “art” has two primary meanings: the meaning of “skill” and “artifice.”

An individual’s reaction to art is highly subjective. Depending on the story or history that a work tells, the expression of emotion can differ greatly. While one person may feel admiration when viewing a piece of art, another may hate it. A third person might not feel anything at all. Thus, the definition of art itself is not a definitive one. The most important thing is to define what “art” is for a specific person.

For the most part, art is a way of expressing one’s feelings in a way that is meaningful to others. For example, a wolf-themed painting can be made by a boy with fear. He describes the wolf’s appearance, its movement, and the distance between him and the wolf. The boy’s descriptions are designed to infect the listener with his feelings and emotions. And, as long as he doesn’t use language that denotes a feeling, it’s an art.

In this definition of art, a composer must express his feelings through sounds. Then, the work of art should have a particular purpose. If a person is passionate about a certain subject, it will show this in their actions and behavior. A creative artist may be in love with his subject or may be angry at a particular person. A woman will be emotionally disturbed if she is not happy. This is a sign that she is in love with his partner.