The Basics of Painting


Oil paints are a great choice for artists who enjoy working in a richer range of colors. They have a thick buttery consistency and can stay wet for days or weeks. Using oil paints requires patience, but they can add a unique depth to your painting. If you want to avoid the cracking and warping of oil paints, you can mix a little liquid medium into your paints.

One of the most important factors in painting is the selection of a subject. The subject you choose should inspire you and challenge you. It should also have a pleasing color harmony. The subject should also be one that you can paint well. The process of choosing a subject is made easier by considering its design. For example, if you want to paint a landscape, you should choose a subject that represents a sense of space, movement, or a sense of place.

Another important element of painting is the composition. Composition is the way in which the elements in a painting are arranged on the canvas. Composition should include the subject, background elements, and every piece of canvas. Composition should also have unity, balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, pattern, and focus. In addition, it must be proportioned properly.

There are many different types of paints and mediums to choose from. Watercolors, for example, are often considered the best medium for beginners because they are easy to purchase, clean, and set up. However, they also have a few drawbacks. Watercolors are also not easy to paint on dark objects, and they can become difficult to control. For these reasons, other paints may be a better choice for beginners. For more information, visit Skillshare and browse the selection of classes available in different mediums.

Painting techniques have evolved a great deal over the past few centuries. The earliest paintings use the technique of oil paint, which uses pigment mixed with linseed oil to create the painting. Oil painting is thought to have been developed in Europe around the fifteenth century, though murals discovered in Afghanistan suggest the use of oil-based paints even earlier than that.

Other popular painting substrates include linen and canvas. Linen has a smooth surface and is more expensive than canvas. The paint used on linen is durable and may last for years or even decades. However, some types of paints cannot be applied to linen. Therefore, it is important to prime the linen surface before painting it.

Another popular technique is encaustic painting, which is based on ancient Egyptian paintings. It involves adding pigment to a hot beeswax paste to produce a three-dimensional effect. The result is a painting with rich, layered color and texture.