The Art of Painting


Among the many forms of visual art, painting is one of the oldest. As early as the Neolithic period, men painted on cave walls. Paintings of plants, animals, and other scenes from the everyday world appeared in Ancient Greece and Roman times. In the Middle Ages, the art of painting became known as “mural painting” or “painting in a mural style.” Painting was also used for religious art. During the Renaissance, oil paint became a prominent medium. Oil paint is made from linseed oil and pigments. Oil paint dries slowly, allowing the painter to blend meticulous detail into the picture.

In the Middle Ages, painting was a way to express emotion. It depicted people performing different activities. Religious art could depict scenes of the life of Buddha or Biblical scenes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In the Renaissance, art continued to be used to express emotion, but the medium became more realistic. During this time, oil paint was also used for murals.

As early as the Neolithic period, painting was used to depict animals and plants. Paintings also depicted landscapes. Eventually, as society advanced, the paintings began to fall out of fashion. The art of painting continued to develop, and the range of pigments and supports evolved.

Supports for painting evolved from rock faces to paper and cloth. They also became portable. Oil paint is a highly versatile medium. It can be used directly from the tube, or it can be blended with meticulous detail.

During the Renaissance, a system of notated tonal values was developed. The resulting style, known as “hieratic,” was used in Roman murals. The subject matter in these paintings evolved to include every aspect of life. Murals showed scenes of great expressive strength, and the design of the painting was often geometric. In the later years, the concept of a “fine artist” developed. It was then that painters began to be treated as scholars and courtiers. These artists also established a personal relationship with their patrons, and they were often commissioned to paint murals for municipalities and companies.

Some artists prefer to paint portraits. Others prefer to paint scenes. However, no matter which style or medium you choose, painting is an expression of the artist’s vision. It is a powerful form of self-expression. Some painters specialize in restoring or cleaning paintings. Many talented painters also have finished works displayed in art galleries.

A great painting transcends its perception. It is a reflection of the spiritual and emotional levels of the human condition. The optical tendency for warm colours to advance has been exploited by European and Asian painters. If a red hue is surrounded by a high blue hue, it will appear cooler. Likewise, a green hue will appear cooler if it is surrounded by a high yellow hue. Similarly, a black and white photograph can be colour-tinted.

Paintings are also used to depict real or supernatural phenomena. For example, religious art can depict mythological figures on pottery. Some painters may also depict Biblical scenes on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.