New Jersey – The Garden State

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New Jersey – The Garden State

New Jersey is located in the northeastern U.S., with a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. The state is a popular vacation destination with 130 miles of Atlantic coast. Located across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, this state is also home to the iconic Statue of Liberty and historic Ellis Island. Many of the popular resort towns are located along the Atlantic shore, including Asbury Park, which has Victorian architecture and a pier.

The state has diverse natural environments, which contribute to its reputation as the “Garden State.” The area was first settled by Native Americans during the 18th century, when its soil produced the first crops. Today, the state is one of the most heavily-developed states in the U.S., with high rates of urbanization that contrast sharply with the rolling hills of the northwest, the huge expanses of pine forest in the southeast, and the horse country in the south-central region. The state’s urban growth has caused its population to grow rapidly, and has contributed to its pollution issues, congested roads, and dirt pollution. However, this has also made the state an interesting blend of progressive and conservative, cosmopolitan and parochial, and traditional values.

While the average annual rainfall in New Jersey is 43 inches (1110 mm), snowfall varies greatly. In the southern and seacoast regions, snowfall is typically less than 10 inches, while in the northeast, it can range anywhere from 38-76 inches. The precipitation that falls on the state’s 120 days is evenly distributed. The state has about 25 to 30 thunderstorms per year. Most occur in the summer months. This state has one of the most diverse climates in the country.

As a historically conservative state, New Jersey has turned into a Democrat stronghold. Democrats control both houses of the New Jersey legislature, and hold a majority of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and both seats in the U.S. Senate. While Republicans have had their share of governors in history, the state is predominantly Democratic. Its infamous hurricane Sandy in October 2012 had a top wind of 90 mph.

In addition to its population, New Jersey is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the U.S. As of 2012, the state is the second most ethnically and religiously diverse in the nation. In fact, only one percent of residents in the state is white, while the largest minority in the state is black. The region is now the most multicultural in the country, and it has the most people of any state in the union. With a population that is primarily Latino, the state is known for its rich culture.

The state is a popular tourist destination for Americans. There are numerous beaches and a thriving city center in Newark. The state is a great place to visit. It is an excellent choice for vacationers and families looking for a relaxing vacation spot. There are many things to do in New Jersey. You can do sports or go bowling and enjoy the scenery. The state of New Jersey is a great place to live and visit.