New Jersey – The Garden State

Located in the northeastern US, New Jersey is a densely populated state. The state is bordered by New York on the north, Pennsylvania on the west, and Delaware on the south. The state has a population of around 9 million people. The population is mostly urbanized. The state is often referred to as The Garden State. It has a variety of recreational activities available for visitors. It is also an important industrial center, with several Fortune 500 companies.

The northern half of the state is made up of the easternmost Appalachian Mountains. The southern half is made up of the Atlantic Plain. New Jersey’s highest mountain is High Point. It is located just south of the New York border in Sussex county.

The state’s climate is cold and damp during the winter months. Snow and storms are common in January and February. The best time for outdoor activities is in the summer months, when temperatures are warm and the humidity is lower. New Jersey summers are usually warm, with a median temperature of around 83 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is not uncommon to experience temperatures below freezing for long periods.

New Jersey is home to several species of animals. The most common are the garter snake, timber rattlesnake, and northern copperhead. Fish in New Jersey vary by location. The state has a large amount of water and 300 square miles of lakes. The largest lake is Lake Hopatcong.

The state is home to many major cities. The state capital is Trenton. Other cities include Lakewood, Elizabeth, and Woodbridge. The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail connects the major cities in the state. The Jersey Shore is a narrow barrier island chain that stretches along the coast. There are several beaches in New Jersey, including Atlantic City. In the summer, beaches are great for swimming and walking dogs.

The state is home to many quaint bed and breakfasts and hotels. New Jersey is also home to several nature preserves. It is also home to the famous Delaware Water Gap. It is the fifth smallest state in the United States, with a population of around 9 million people.

New Jersey’s history dates back to the Lenape Native Americans who were the first inhabitants of the state. In the early 17th century, the Dutch West India Trading Company instructed the Dutch to purchase land from the Lenape. After 1630, various settlers began to colonize the state. In 1787, the state was the third state to join the United States. New Jersey has had over 100 battles fought on its soil. The first major military victory of the Revolutionary War occurred at the Trenton Battle.

The state’s nickname, “The Garden State,” is derived from its fertile river valleys. The state has been referred to as a bedroom community for people working in New York City. Several Fortune 500 companies are located in New Jersey. New Jersey is also home to many golf courses, including Pine Valley, which is ranked as the number one golf course in the United States by Golf Digest.