New Jersey ( NY J )

New Jersey (NYJ) is a state in the Northeastern United States, bordered by New York City to the north and east, Delaware across the Delaware River to the west, and Pennsylvania to the south. The Atlantic Coastal Plain, dominated by low hills and pine forests, sweeps across the southern three-fifths of the state, with barrier islands offering sandy beaches.

Its metropolitan areas of Newark and New York City are a center of finance, communications, publishing and the arts. Several major airports serve the state, and the Interstate Highway System allows quick travel between the north and south. New Jersey’s newest economic sector is biotechnology, with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Merck headquartered in the state. Pharmaceuticals and telecommunications are also major industries in the state.

The state’s natural environment includes forests, swamps, bogs and coastal marshes. Many of these are protected in state parks and are popular destinations for recreation.

Agriculture is a significant industry, with tomatoes, corn and cranberries among the state’s main crops. The state is also a leader in the production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and steel.

A large population of foreign-born residents adds to the cultural diversity of the state. The largest ethnic groups are Italian Americans and African Americans. New Jersey’s capital is Trenton, and its most populous city is Newark.

The state government is run largely by the executive branch, led by Governor Chris Christie. The judicial branch is supervised by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. The senate and assembly are the other two branches of the state legislature. The governor, Chris Christie, has made reforming the state’s education system one of his top priorities.

New Jersey’s public universities are renowned for their research and teaching. They are also a major source of skilled workers. Many of the state’s colleges are part of the top tier in the country, including Rutgers University, Princeton University and New Jersey Institute of Technology. Other prestigious institutions include Fairleigh Dickinson University and Stevens Institute of Technology. New Jersey is also home to a number of professional sports teams, including the NBA’s New Jersey Nets and NHL’s Devils. The state is a hub for tourism, with Atlantic City – the East Coast’s answer to mega-casino hub Las Vegas – attracting millions of visitors each year. Other attractions include historic sites such as the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty and Fort Lee’s Army Reserve Base. In addition, many museums and art galleries are located throughout the state. Those who want to shop can visit the malls in Atlantic City, Newark and Jersey City. New Jersey has no sales tax, which is a big plus for shoppers. The state’s many parks offer recreational opportunities, from hiking to golfing. There are many historic lighthouses on the state’s shore. There are also a wide variety of recreational facilities in the state’s four suburban counties.