New Jersey Facts

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New Jersey Facts

The Northeastern state of New Jersey has 130 miles of Atlantic coast. The capital of the state is Jersey City, which sits across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan. While in the capital, visitors can explore the Statue of Liberty and the Immigration Museum. While on the Jersey Shore, visitors can experience Victorian architecture and historic resort towns. Asbury Park, with its charming seaside atmosphere, is one of the state’s most notable resort towns.

The state has five distinct areas. The Northeast is located the closest to New York City, and is home to up to a million people. The state’s other major region is Northwestern, which is more rural and mountainous. The state’s Atlantic coast features beaches, barrier islands, rock and roll clubs, and water and amusement parks. There are over 4,000 miles of coastline in New Jersey, making it an ideal destination for vacationers.

The state’s constitution, adopted in 1947, provides for a bicameral state legislature with two houses, an upper houseSenate and a lower houseGeneral Assembly. The state is divided into 40 legislative districts, each electing one Assembly member and one state senator. They are elected to two-year terms in even-numbered years. The Senate can serve up to four-year terms. There are also many municipalities. The New Jersey State Legislature is made up of more than one chamber.

The New Jersey Attorney General, Gurbir Grewal, formerly served as the prosecutor in Bergen County, the largest county in New Jersey. The state is home to almost a million residents and more than 70 municipalities. While the state is home to over one million people, it is the largest metropolitan area in New Jersey, and it is the most populous. The population of this region is approximately seventy percent of the state’s total.

Among the state’s most iconic landmarks are the Delaware Bay, Taylor Ham, sloppy joe sandwiches, Texas wieners, and tomato pies. Native Americans in the area referred to the area as Scheyichbi, which may have meant “land of shell money.” A few famous residents of the state came from New York City and Newark Bay. The Jonas Brothers were born in Wyckoff and are based in Freehold.

In addition to its rich history, the state is also known for its lakes. The largest lake in the state is Lake Hopatcong. It has 300 square miles of lakes, including Newark Bay. The state also shares the Hudson River with New York and Delaware. Despite this, the state also has a number of smaller lakes. For example, in Trenton, a lake called the Hopatcong is the largest in the state.

While the state has historically been a Republican bastion, it is becoming a Democratic stronghold. The Democratic Party controls both houses of the New Jersey legislature, and the majority of U.S. House and Senate seats are held by Democrats. However, the state has had Republican governors and many of them have been elected. The current governor of the state is Chris Christie. But the status of the nation’s politics is often a reflection of the county’s culture.