New Jersey Facts

New Jersey is one of the northeastern United States, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and south, Pennsylvania across the Delaware River to the west, and New York City and Long Island on the north. Its state capital is Trenton, and its largest city is Newark.

New Jersey was the first of the thirteen American colonies to declare independence from Great Britain, on July 4, 1776. Its location between New York City and Philadelphia prompted many battles during the Revolutionary War, including George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River to capture Trenton in December 1776. After the war, the state ratified the U.S. Constitution, and in 1804 became the last northern state to abolish slavery.

In the 20th century, New Jersey’s industries included pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. It also boasted a strong record of inventions, from the light bulb to commercial electric service, and was home to Thomas Edison’s pioneering Menlo Park Laboratory. In the urban areas, a shift to suburban jobs pushed factories out of town and replaced them with huge malls. The state sparked a suburban boom with its affordable housing, facilitated by federally backed mortgages and the interstate highway system.

Amid its crowded urban centers, New Jersey is still a lushly forested state with many scenic natural areas. The Pine Barrens stretch across much of the northern and central parts of the state, while the sandy beaches along the Atlantic coastline are popular vacation spots. The Delaware and Raritan rivers, the Hudson River, and several other tributaries flow through the state. The state’s wildlife includes black bears, bobcats, red foxes, and raccoons, and its reptiles include spotted turtles and five-lined skinks. Its amphibians include the New Jersey frog and marbled salamanders.

The state’s many trees include sugar maple, American chestnut, flowering dogwood, and pitch pine, and its wildflowers include white-eyed Susans, orange daylilies, and Queen Anne’s lace. In the southern part of the state, salt marshes, tidal wetlands, and coastal pine forests thrive. Its 127 miles of sandy ocean shoreline attracts surfers and swimmers, and New Jersey has numerous lakes and ponds.

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