New Jersey – An Overview

new jersey

The state of New Jersey is located in the Northeast. Its counties are divided into seven metropolitan statistical areas. Four are part of the larger New York City metro area, while four others have separate metro areas, including the Philadelphia region. Several of the major cities are located in the northeast corner of the state. To many travelers, this area appears to be one continuous industrial metropolis. To get a better understanding of the state, let’s examine its metropolitan area.

New Jersey is a state with many small cities. While some New Jersey cities are quite large, many of them are geographically small. For instance, three of the four largest cities in the state are under 20 square miles, and eight of the top ten have less than 30 square miles. Only three of the top five municipalities in the state are larger than 78 square miles. The state is also home to several universities, as well as many major technology and biological science firms.

New Jersey has extensive rail and bus services throughout the state. NJ Transit was founded in 1979 as a state-run corporation, and in the early 1980s, it acquired the commuter rail operations of Conrail, which connected suburban areas to New York City. Today, the state operates eleven commuter rail lines, most of which connect to Penn Station in New York City. In addition, there is a line that runs from downtown Newark to the suburbs of Hoboken.

The state is also densely populated, with 90% of the population living in urban areas. Many people in New Jersey commute to the cities of New York and Pennsylvania. As a result, the transportation system in New Jersey is the largest in the country, funneling people and goods to both cities. The state has diverse landscapes, including forests, rivers, and lakes.

New Jersey is home to many ethnic and racial groups. It has the second largest Jewish population in the United States and the largest Latin American population outside of Florida. The largest Cuban population outside of Florida is located in New Jersey. There are also large communities of Japanese, Filipino, and Korean people. Newark is the state’s largest city.

New Jersey is home to several major sports teams. The New Jersey Devils play their home games at the Prudential Center in Newark. The team was originally formed in Kansas City, Missouri, as the Kansas City Scouts. The Devils later played in Denver, Colorado. The Devils were purchased by John J. McMullen, a Jersey City native, in 1982. Under his guidance, the team improved dramatically under Hall of Famer Lou Lamoriello.

The climate in New Jersey varies. Winters are cold, with average temperatures in January of about 28 degF. Summers are milder, ranging from 70 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rainfall per year is around 44 to 52 inches.