New Jersey – A Great Place to Visit

new jersey

New Jersey is a northeastern US mainland state. It shares borders with New York and Pennsylvania in the north, Delaware in the south, and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. There are four main physical regions within the state: inner coastal plain, outer coastal plain, the Highlands, and the Pine Barrens.

The Inner Coastal Plain is home to a great deal of agriculture. The Highlands are a southern extension of the ancient rocks of New England. In the northwest, the Appalachian Mountains shave off a great deal of the state. Many large oil refineries are located in northern New Jersey.

The Outer Coastal Plain, on the other hand, is dominated by poor sandy soils and is dotted with large stretches of pine forest. It is an area that has suffered from environmental pollution and congested roads. Most of the population lives in urban areas.

Despite its location, New Jersey has a lot to offer. In addition to its many beaches, it is also home to historical landmarks, nature parks, and world-famous cities. This makes the state an ideal vacation destination.

The state has a history that traces back to the early colonial period. It was a part of New Netherland until 1702. After that, New Jersey became one of the original thirteen states of the Union. When the Revolutionary War broke out, the city of Trenton was the site of a battle that helped turn the tide of the war. During the 19th century, Cape May was a popular summer resort.

New Jersey’s largest city is Newark. Located across the Hudson River from Manhattan, it is home to a large number of historical sites. Aside from this, the city is also a hub for sports fans.

The largest lake in the state is Lake Hopatcong. Another important river is the Raritan River, which runs through the northern half of the state. Some of the state’s most interesting natural attractions are found at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

There are also several museums to visit. For instance, there is the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, which is housed in a real World War II aviation hangar. Among the many artifacts that are displayed at this museum are a high-speed jet aircraft, a propeller aircraft, and a helicopter.

Although New Jersey has a diverse history and plenty of natural beauty, it has gotten a bad rap throughout the years. While it is true that the state is often depicted in movies and television shows in less than savory ways, it is also true that it has a lot to offer. So if you are looking for an exciting, beautiful place to visit, it is definitely worth a trip to New Jersey.

New Jersey is also home to some of the most able U.S. governors. Several notable celebrities have been born or grew up in the state. One of them is Meryl Streep, who grew up in Bernardsville, NJ. She went on to become an acclaimed actress.