New Jersey – A Great Place to Visit

new jersey

The state of New Jersey is situated in the northeastern U.S. It has 130 miles of Atlantic coastline. In addition to the historic city of New York, Jersey City sits across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan. The city is home to Liberty State Park and is near Ellis Island, which is home to the iconic Statue of Liberty. There are also notable resort towns in New Jersey, including Asbury Park, which features Victorian architecture.

If you’re looking for some real American comfort food, consider dining in New Jersey. New Jersey is home to hundreds of classic diners and a large number of farms. You can sample artisanal cheeses and ripe peaches at these establishments. In addition to eating in traditional diners, you can also try some of the state’s cuisine, including its famous sloppy joe. The state has a diverse and varied culture that’s sure to impress.

New Jersey’s colonial history began when Henry Hudson explored the region in 1609. As a result, small trading colonies emerged in towns like Jersey City and Hoboken. Soon after, settlers from Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands arrived. These settlers founded the first permanent European settlements in the state.

In 1664, the Dutch lost control of the state to England. At the time, New Jersey was part of the New Netherlands colony. When the English took over the state, they divided the colony between two proprietors – Sir George Carteret of the east, and Lord John Berkley of the west. The two men later sold the land. England eventually gained control of the state, and both states shared a royal governor until Lewis Morris took office in 1738.

As the state with the highest population of automobiles, New Jersey’s roads are often overloaded and under construction. In addition, most drivers in the state regularly violate highway laws. Therefore, it is important to follow the speed limit of the state’s major highways, and avoid being a part of the tailgaters.

While it is known for its beaches, New Jersey also has many scenic sites. The Palisades, where Alexander Hamilton was murdered by Aaron Burr, is a great place to visit. The cliffs rise 300-500 feet, and offer stunning views of New York City. Other popular sites include the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, just off Interstate 80. Visitors can enjoy canoeing and inner-tube rides down the Delaware River. There is even a famous holiday celebration here – the crossing of George Washington across the Delaware River on Christmas Day.

There are many reasons to move to New Jersey. It is a beautiful state that offers quality healthcare, diverse geography, and an exciting quality of life. Residents of New Jersey can reach the cities of New York and Philadelphia within an hour, and can enjoy the beaches and mountains within a day’s drive.