New Jersey – A Diverse State

new jersey

New Jersey is a diverse state, ranging from cosmopolitan to parochial. It is also a home to many Fortune 500 companies. The state is home to a variety of historical sites and scenic locations, as well as lakes, beaches and mountains.

New Jersey was first inhabited by Lenape Native Americans. Today, it is the home of various Latin American groups and the urban Hispanic population is growing. However, the older generations are more conservative.

The state is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Hudson River. The shoreline stretches for 125 miles. This creates a number of great resort towns, including Atlantic City, Cape May and Asbury Park. Most of the beaches in New Jersey are relatively safe.

New Jersey is a relatively small state. While it is home to a wide variety of people, the white population is the majority. In addition, the population of African-Americans is also increasing. More than one-tenth of the state’s population is African-American.

There is also a large Hispanic and Mexican population in New Jersey. These immigrants are more cosmopolitan and have a different cultural background than the older generation. Although Spanish is the most common language in most of the metropolitan areas, other languages can be heard throughout the state.

The Northeast Megalopolis is located in the northeastern part of the state, between the cities of Philadelphia and Boston. This area is considered the crossroads of the American Revolution. During the war, many British and American armies crossed the state and the Delaware River. Some of the most famous battles were fought here.

Some of the major cities in New Jersey are Philadelphia, Trenton, Camden, and Newark. This urban area is the center of government, business and commerce in the state. However, it is a crime-prone region.

Those traveling to New Jersey should exercise common sense, and stay in a well-lit area. Winters can be cold, with snowfalls of up to two feet. Summers are pleasant, with temperatures rarely exceeding 90 degrees. However, humidity can be high. During the winter, rainstorms can occur in March and April.

Visiting New Jersey is a worthwhile trip. Many people have found that the state offers plenty of opportunities for travel. Whether you are looking for a day at the beach or a weekend at a state park, there are many scenic attractions and historic sites to enjoy.

The Palisades is a series of cliffs rising 300 to 500 feet, and offer a beautiful view of Manhattan. New Jersey is also home to the iconic Statue of Liberty. Other tourist attractions include Island Beach, Sandy Hook, and the Liberty State Park.

The Jersey Shore, or the southern coastline of the state, includes notable resort towns like Ocean City and Atlantic City. The quality of the Shore varies, from the opulence of Deal to the urban garishness of Asbury Park.

Despite the many attractions, New Jersey has had to pay a price in dirt and noise. The state’s roads are often congested. Often, drivers break highway laws.