GovPilot in New Jersey

new jersey

New Jersey is a densely populated state with a unique character that combines bucolic charm with bustling urban centers. Its beaches are among the country’s most popular, its historic towns are home to renowned festivals and landmarks and its pristine countryside is dotted with mountains and lakes. Despite its small size, the state is an economic powerhouse and is a major transportation hub that funnels people and goods to New York City and Philadelphia.

The state was founded in 1664 and is named after the island of Jersey in the English Channel. It is one of the original 13 states and is bounded by New York to the north and northeast, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south, and Delaware and Pennsylvania to the west.

In addition to its famous beaches, the state’s other major attractions include the Liberty State Park and Ellis Island ferry terminal, the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art, and the iconic Statue of Liberty. Other famous spots in the state are Asbury Park, known for its lively music scene, and Cape May, where many Victorian houses have been preserved.

In terms of food, the state is a haven for eateries. Jersey City is the place to go for pizza (try Razza, voted New York’s best), while Hoboken is home to Carlo’s Bakery, where “Cake Boss” Buddy Valestro creates his signature treats. There are also plenty of places to sample craft beer in the Garden State, with 134 breweries and counting.

New Jersey’s residents are passionate about their community and love to take care of each other. They often use GovPilot to report issues in their neighborhoods, such as unsanctioned construction, dumping or abandoned homes/buildings. They also rely on GovPilot’s automated workflows and clear communication channels to carry their concerns through the appropriate chain of command for swift resolution.

The state’s nickname, the Garden State, is a nod to its rich agricultural past and its current role as a top destination for recreation and business. In 1954, the state legislature passed a law that added “The Garden State” to the official slogan on its license plates. The name stuck, and the slogan was used by the state government until 2011 when it was replaced with “The Land of Opportunity.” The new slogan was inspired by the governor’s goal of making New Jersey the most economically well-off state in the nation. The New Jersey Department of Treasury is promoting the new slogan through a public-service announcement and social media campaign. The agency also launched a website that highlights some of the state’s most notable and successful businesses, such as the New Jersey Devils and the Princeton University Press. The website will continue to be updated with new stories as they emerge. It is available on desktop and mobile devices.