NJAI @ OSPAC - New Chairwoman Elected - Summer Season 2013 at OSPAC Outlined

West Orange, New Jersey, December 19, 2012 – During the final board of trustees meeting of the year for the New Jersey Arts Incubator at the Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center, the 2013 season was planned and a new executive board was elected for the 2013-2014 calendar years. Ms. Lisa Scalora was installed as Chairwoman of the board of trustees, Ms. Amy Simon as Vice-Chairwoman, Ms. Christine Wolff Strassman as Secretary and Mr. Matthew Schwartz, Treasurer. Ms. Scalora was the first Chairwoman of NJAI at its inception in 2006 when Amy Simon founded the organization and served as its first executive director.

In late May of 2012 the New Jersey Arts Incubator was approved by the Township Council of West Orange as the new producing and performing agency at the five acres township property located at 4 Boland Drive in West Orange.

"It all happened so fast. We needed to leave Essex Green as our space had been leased to a new tenant. We are really grateful to 'the Green' for hosting us for nearly four years," said Executive Director Carol Berman. "We were approached by the Township to put together a proposal to run OSPAC and a few months later we were moving in to the amphitheater. We used the summer to assess the facility and inventory what was there while we were able to continue our Café Zed program, present a movie night and honor the Township's commitment to host the Jazz Festival. Now we are ready to welcome the community back to OSPAC with a full summer season of entertainment in 2013."

The complete season of NJAI at OSPAC will be announced soon and will include presentations and productions from community performing and fine arts organizations and performers. Plans are underway for a Earth Day Festival in April, a summer solstice event with world music in June, an NJAI music and performance fundraiser titled 'Alter Egos' presenting the talent of West Orange residents in July, a summer dance camp, along with theater presentations, movie festivals, art shows and more.

"We are bringing the community and the talent in our community back to OSPAC," said Chairwoman Lisa Scalora. "This venue, this gorgeous property, belongs to the residents and our goal at NJAI is to facilitate its continued use for the benefit of our town."

West Orange residents who would like to participate in programming at NJAI at OSPAC should contact Carol at info@njai.org. Visit www.njai.org for more information, to become a member, or volunteer.