New Jersey Arts Incubator Relocates to the Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center

Arts Incubator to Produce and Present Year Round Programming at OSPAC
West Orange, New Jersey, May 29, 2012 – The New Jersey Arts Incubator (NJAI) has entered into an agreement with the Township of West Orange to begin presenting year round programming at the Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center (OSPAC). Founded in 2006, NJAI has served the West Orange community by providing arts programs and events including the successful monthly open mic series Café Zed, art gallery exhibits, children’s theater workshops, poetry readings, educational workshops and more.

Under the direction of Executive and Artistic Director of the New Jersey Arts Incubator, Carol Berman, OSPAC will add additional artistic disciplines to the programming and work towards creating an all-weather, year round facility. “I am really excited to build upon the foundation created at OSPAC to bring new and diverse programming to the facility. Our plans include creating a facility that supports our mission, serves the New Jersey artist community and is a gathering place and events location for the residents of West Orange,” said Carol Berman. “We will both present and produce theater, music, dance, gallery exhibits, classes, summer camp programs and more.”

“The New Jersey Arts Incubator was created in West Orange to be an arts based economic development tool for the community from the onset, while providing New Jersey artists a place and the tools where they could develop their arts based businesses, create and present the world class art that is indicative of our state. Now, NJAI is poised to fully embrace our core mission with this partnership with the Township of West Orange, at the Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center,” said NJAI founder and Chairwoman Amy Simon. “In addition to the OSPAC amphitheater building and grounds, there are five additional acres of open space that abut the property which we hope to help the township utilize for art and environmental use, creating an 8+ acre art park for residents and visitors to enjoy.”

“We are all aware of the value of investing in the arts in our communities, not only as a way to engage our residents but also as a way to bolster the economic realities of our small businesses,” said West Orange Mayor Robert Parisi. “Creating this partnership at OSPAC with the New Jersey Arts Incubator, one of our established West Orange Arts organizations, is a great opportunity for our community.”

About the New Jersey Arts Incubator The New Jersey Arts Incubator is an organization dedicated to the economic and creative growth of performing and visual artists, musicians and writers in New Jersey. As the product of that goal, NJAI provides education, programming and revenue raising opportunities, and is both a producing and presenting organization.

The mission of NJAI is to act as a community development and revitalization tool for the Township of West Orange, by utilizing and supporting the region’s arts and organizational communities, providing educational opportunities to all socio-economic and cultural groups, establishing local business partnerships, and by creating a destination in, and economic driver for, the Township.

About the Oscar Schindler Performing Arts Center Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center, nestled on a mountain ridge next to Crystal Lake in West Orange, New Jersey, was built in 2000 by developer Larry Pantirer to honor the famous rescuer of over a thousand Jews during the holocaust, including his father. Mr. Pantirer bequeathed, in perpetuity, the facility and five bucolic acres to the township as an arts and entertainment venue. Under the leadership of the Friends of the Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center and executive director Ms. Kate Baker; OSPAC has grown to be a first class facility known for its world music and jazz festival performances.